Hello and welcome to GlutenLessYes :  a blog where I share my gluten-free recipes that are healthy and still delicious. Let me introduce myself – I am Asia, originally from Poland but currently living in Helsinki. I love sweet things, especially the baked ones like pastries, cakes and pies, you name it. I don’t remember ever saying “no” to polish paczki or kremovka made by my mother. My love for baked goods resulted in constant baking and the development of delicious recipes which, let’s be honest, weren’t the healthiest ones. But back then I didn’t really pay attention to health. I just wanted to have a piece of delicious cake on my plate. Well, things changed 2 years ago, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – Hashimoto. I had to change my diet and start thinking about my health.  I quit gluten, lactose, sugar, soy and corn, just like that…cold turkey. Pretty ambitious, right?! I know… Beginning wasn’t easy, I had my ups and downs, I have to admit. I also experimented with different diets like Keto and Paleo. While I felt much better physically and emotionally, my plate was missing a piece of delicious cake and I couldn’t stand it!  I didn’t want to sacrifice all the favorite desserts so I decided to work on recipes that would be healthy, delicious, gluten and guilt free. And that is how this blog came to life. Well, not exactly… I had to be encouraged by my sisters and my boyfriend who by the way are my critics and testers. They also decided to join me on this GF adventure and I hope you will too. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy my recipes!